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We can provide specialist mortgages that cover even your most complex of financial needs, from mortgages for freelancers through to commercial mortgages plus those may have a poor credit score.

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Standard repayment or buy to let mortgages are not always the best form of finance for some of the more complex scenarios. At Fortune Finance our expert brokers can help you source the most appropriate form of specialist mortgage or finance option, at highly competitive rates to best fit your specific situation

Mortgages for Freelancers

Are you a freelancer looking for a mortgage? It may feel like it is not as straight forward as it can be for someone that is in a full-time position. Whilst there are no specific mortgage deals for freelancers, often lenders apply a different set of criteria to determine whether to lend or not.

Freelancer income can vary throughout the year, making the affordability checks more complicated for the lender. This fluctuation in income should not put you off from applying, however ensuring the application is well prepared beforehand will be an important step in your freelance mortgage application.

As a specialist mortgage broker, we have access to a wide range of lenders that are not always available on the high street.

Our expert mortgage brokers assist with your application to ensure you are presented to a lender in the best possible light.

We will also help and support you throughout your freelance mortgage application.

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Bad Credit Mortgages

Have you been refused a mortgage because of your credit score? You may think that it’s going to be an uphill to secure a mortgage with a bad credit rating.

Don’t worry! We are a specialist mortgage broker with access to a wide range of mortgage lenders, meaning we can help you source which options available to you.

Our specialist mortgage advisers can discuss your personal circumstances and work through our affordability assessment. This review considers more than simply your income and credit score.

We will work through with you to determine areas such as your employment status, the savings you may have and your regular expenditure. This assessment helps us understand the accurate details, so we know which lenders meet your personal situation.

You can rest assured that the options presented to you will meet your affordability but will also be at a very competitive rate.

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Self-Build Finance

If you are undertaking the exciting prospect of building your new home yourself, you will need to find the most competitive self-build mortgage on the market.

Self-builds are not able to be financed by development mortgages as they are regulated and assessed in much the same way as a standard mortgage. This is because the property will be your main residence when completed.

Self-build mortgages can be a little more difficult to find as there are fewer lenders in the market offering this specialist mortgage.

Our specialist mortgage brokers can support you with your self-build application to ensure you have covered all the details lenders require. Our specialist mortgage brokers are always on hand help and support you throughout your self-build mortgage application.

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Property Refurbishment Finance

Are you planning to refurbish your home? Do you want a new kitchen, upgrade your central heating or add an extension? Then you may need to source the most competitive refurbishment finance on the market.

The refurbishment finance application will need to take in to account your financial position along with a range of other factors that will have an impact on the type of finance you use.

Our specialist mortgage brokers will discuss with you all the details of your refurbishment including the scale, often referred to as light or heavy, and the duration of the repayment needed.

Having a detailed strategy will help to ensure the refurbishment finance can be flexible enough to meet your needs, especially if you experience any time delays in the completion.

You won’t leave any build elements of your refurbishment to chance, the same applies to securing the most appropriate finance.

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Commercial Mortgages

Are you are looking at purchasing a property or land for commercial use? If so, then you will need a commercial mortgage.

Commercial mortgages are slightly different to personal mortgages, in that they can be larger than a personal mortgage. Finding the right lender with the terms your business needs can be very time consuming.

You will need details of your business operations in order to apply for a commercial mortgage. These include factors such as Asset Statements and Liabilities along with current and projected performance figures, tax returns for a minimum of 3 years along with details of your business partners and directors.

Our expert commercial mortgage brokers will discuss the process of applying for a commercial mortgage with you, covering the wide range of details required by the lenders. There are many different options available on the market, so our team will help source the most appropriate commercial mortgage for your business.

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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate most Commercial Mortgages and we are unable to provide you with advice on commercial mortgages. However, we can refer you to a third party.

Property Development Finance

The property development mortgage market has expanded over the years to now include much smaller developers than simply the large, capital heavy developers. This means there is a range of property development finance options available, meaning that expert advice is vital from the outset.

Lenders will be assessing the value of the project once completed alongside your affordability, value of deposit and eligibility of the funding.

Our expert property development mortgage brokers will discuss the details of your project including the size, duration, and project complexity to ensure the most appropriate funding is found for you.

If you are looking for a specialist mortgage and would like to discover your options, then give our team of specialist mortgage brokers a call. We will be delighted to help you.

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