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The making of a Will is an opportunity for you to make sure that you leave your affairs in order and to ensure that the decisions you make, and the right provisions are put in place for you and your loved ones. A Will is your opportunity to dictate who will benefit from your estate. Without a Will, the intestacy rules set our a strict order of who will benefit and how.

Arrange a single Will for £80 or mirror Will at a price of £130. We can arrange an initial appointment with My Last Will via telephone or Zoom at your convenience. This appointment guides you through the Will process from appointing the correct individuals for each role, to deciding where to distribute your estate on death, no advice is provided at this stage. Research suggests that more than two-thirds of people in the UK don’t have a Will.

The reality is that dying without a Will can make what is already a difficult time a lot harder for your family. You risk depriving your spouse or partner of their home, increasing any potential inheritance tax liability and leaving your estate in the wrong hands. With a younger family if the worst happens, in addition to having to deal with the loss of a parent or parents children are also faced with other problems. For example they may have to move house or change school; they may even be taken into care whilst social services appoint a suitable guardian.

My Last Will ensure you receive the right guidance to arrange your legally binding Will. Every document is fully checked by a team of experts who over the last 10 years have drafted over 20,000 Wills. This same team is available if you need any help along the way, so you really are in safe hands. We understand that making your Will can be a daunting task, so this expert team are on hand should you need assistance.

Conveyancing, Wills, and trusts are not regulated products and we are not authorised through PRIMIS Mortgage Network to provide advice in these areas, however we can refer you to a third party.

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