Introducing Lizzie Manning your local Hitchin protection specialist

Thursday 20 April, 2023

Lizzie Manning joined Fortune Financial, Hitchin in 2022. As an experienced mortgage and protection specialist with the CeMAP qualification and the Certificate and Diploma in Insurance she is qualified to offer protection advice to local Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire residents.

Call our protection broking team on 01462 510400 for personalised protection advice and protect yourself and your family today.

Why take protection advice

Our mortgage and protection team at Fortune Financial always recommend taking protection cover so you can pay your mortgage if you aren’t working. However, there are other types of insurance you might want to consider. You can purchase specialist funeral cover and insurance that protects your children if they need medical assistance.

Lizzie Manning can advise on a variety of insurance and protection policies including:

Lizzie Manning, local mortgage and protection advisor at Fortune Financial Hitchin said:

‘My passion is supporting my clients and making sure they have a protection policy in place which covers their needs but also includes their family, so if anything happens to them they have peace of mind that their insurance policy will pay their mortgage and their family won’t have any money worries.

Many customers I speak to are interested in protecting themselves if they are the main earner as they don’t want their family to be unable to pay the mortgage if they were unable to work. However, protection advisors will point out that protecting your children is just as important as protecting yourself, as you never want to be in a position where you must choose between working to earn money over attending a hospital appointment with your child.

Taking out protection cover is particularly important given the cost-of-living crisis. Although some of our customers are initially concerned about the cost of protection cover, when we explain why we recommend taking out protection insurance they understand how important it is.’

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Lizzie Manning, mortgage and protection advisor at Fortune Financial Hitchin continued:

‘Most people I speak to have arranged their financial protection online as they do not realise that speaking to a specialist protection adviser like me is free. If you call Fortune Financial you will get personalised protection advice from a protection advisor. Our protection planning team will discuss your protection requirements and recommend a protection policy that is best suited to your personal and financial circumstances.

Our protection brokers have the benefit of being able to check the protection market so we can find you the best protection deal available. When I meet customers, I am patient and take the time to explain our recommendations fully to ensure you are completely happy with everything we recommend. Customer service is important to Fortune Financial and my colleagues want our customers to understand why we recommend certain policies and why you will benefit from taking out a protection policy.

In Summary…

Don’t delay getting protection insurance as you need to protect yourself and your family. Call our protection broking team on 01462 510400 for personalised protection advice.

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